LEAH CHASE is passionate about travel. Her passion, along with 25 years of experience, translates to extraordinary adventures for you.

ISRAEL, EGYPT, JORDAN, TURKEY, ITALY, SPAIN, GREECE, PORTUGAL, MOROCCO. These countries bordering on or near the Mediterranean Sea are areas of her experience and idea of paradise. CHASE TRAVELS also arranges safaris in Africa, eco-travel in Latin America, nature preserves and protected islands in South America. Europe, Australia and New Zealand — and anywhere in the 50 US states — she provides special attention to details in making it smooth and comfortable for you.

Leah and her colleagues arrange air itineraries to anywhere you wish to go, providing gorgeous cruises, great hotels, delicious meals at wonderful restaurants and the ‘must-see’s in every country or city. You may choose to attend concerts and dance performances, regional festivals, arts and crafts fairs, shop markets and shuks, visit museums and galleries of fine art and have entre’ to boutique venues for handmade items and souvenirs specific to the region you are visiting. In addition, you get to the out-of-the-way sites to experience unique adventures. CHASE TRAVELS designs trips that fill your specific needs and desires. You can enjoy a day of hiking, biking, rappelling, jeep mountain treks or camel safaris in the desert, hot air ballooning over unique landscapes, horseback riding, river rafting and kayaking. You can visit gardens, vineyards and wineries, sail the seas in your own personal Turkish galut or in a modern speedboat. You can taste gourmet foods and sample traditional local cuisine. You can relax in the luxury of a spa. You can have a superb holiday or experience extraordinary Holy Days. You can climb mountains, ride camels, or bump along in a jeep – what is your passion, what is on your wish list?

CHASE TRAVELS provides outstanding and knowledgeable tour guides, comfortable transportation for the most comprehensive travel — customized, individualized, and groups — just for you, your family and your friends. CHASE TRAVELS will help create memories that last forever… with the personal attention to detail that is the heart of CHASE TRAVELS.