Ashley and Michael Kirshtein and family – Charleston, SC

We’ve returned from Israel and had time to reflect. Thank you! You helped create what we now refer to as ‘The Trip of a Lifetime.” We’ve all been to Israel before but individually, never as a family. With four kids ranging from 15-23 and their grandparents at 92 and 82, you managed to accommodate us all! Wow! Rappelling down mountains, snorkeling, ATVs in the desert, the Dead Sea, waterfalls, camels, farms Druze village, wineries, museums, the Kotel, three holy nights and Shabbat in an awesome apartment in Jerusalem, a hotel-spa in the Galilee, the Golan Heights, food, food, food! Your persistence on the front end of this trip ensured that we were prepared and ready for the journey. That wouldn’t have happened without you. Even during and after the trip, you were there for us. As I am writing this, I find myself yearning to repeat the experience or at least create another one. You will be the first to know. Thanks again!
Ashley and Michael Kirshtein and entire family.

Ed and Elliott Kronsberg – Charleston, SC

We had a blast in Israel! Thank you so much for putting together the trip. You left nothing out. The hotels were beautiful, the food plentiful, the service first class. We loved our driver, Boaz, who knew every nook and cranny of the Holy Land, the historic background, and provided running commentary on current events.

When I tell people that we saw and explored Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Golan, the Galilee, the Hula Valley, Yad Vashem, the Kibbutzs, Masada, and the Dead Sea, all in one trip over ten days, they are amazed. Especially that we also had plenty of time in each location, received personal attention, and it was all included in the trip.

This was a trip of a lifetime. You knocked it out of the ball park. THANK YOU!!

Herb Anmuth – Formerly of Charleston, SC; currently Netanya, Israel

I have traveled with Leah many times and we always had a “rip rousing time”. She has shown me all over Israel, [from] top to bottom and have met many of her wonderful friends. When you come to Israel, don’t miss the dude ranch, the Shabbat camel ride, sailing on the Med, Mitzpe Ramon, and all her wonderful restaurants. And, with her friend, made a ‘shadchen’ introduction to my new wife, Judy, and we now live in Netanya after I made aliyah. Leah is the best, and my dear friend.

Rabbi David J Radinsky – Rabbi Emeritus, BSBI Congregation, Charleston SC

Thank you, Leah, for the travel arrangements that you made for me and my group as we traveled to Israel. Your efficiency, organizational skills, and your love of Israel left a lasting impression on all of us. The hotel accommodations and the food were fantastic, and it helped that you are a frequent traveler to Israel who with us some of the less well-known but wonderful places to eat and visit. We explored so many amazing religious and historical sites making our trip memorable forever. Thank you so much.

Sandra Rosenblum – Charleston, SC

Travel arranged by Leah Chase, or with her, is seamless. She takes care of all the details and does the research to offer the best of whatever is available. It is a pleasure to work with Leah. She really wants to make sure you have a wonderful experience and tailors the trip for individual tastes. If you travel with her, you have a lot of fun!

Al Phillips and Family – Charleston, SC

I have made four Christian-focused trips [to Israel] under Leah’s tutelage, all were slightly different. With her, our days were organized, fun and our trip was comprehensive and moving. She knows when there is too much scheduled and when there is not enough. She knows EVERYTHING about Israel and loves to share it. She is native to Jerusalem as well as Charleston. She makes it fun!

Mickey Baron – Prospect, KY

Leah Chase is an efficient and knowledgeable travel agent. She has organized two overseas trips for my family. The first was to the Galapagos, Quito (Ecuador) and Peru, including Machu Picchu. We had many special considerations for the trip, including not being able to travel on Friday evening or all day Saturday. With this in mind, she booked private transportation and guides to accommodate our requests. Every detail was to perfection and the trip could not have been better, including the hotels and itinerary. We relied on her suggestions as to the daily trips. Each day was excellent and we felt that we understood both countries.

Mickey Baron – Prospect, KY

Our first trip from Leah was so wonderful that I decided to book a similar trip this past summer and took six family members to Ecuador to visit he Galapagos, Quito and a sail up the Amazon River. Of course, we had the same requirements, including no travel on Friday or Saturday. Once again, Leah booked all flights, transportation, hotels, cruise ship in the Galapagos and on the Amazon. A great day trip was planned in Quito with a private guide and van. We traveled with three teenagers. Each of them loved the trip – it is not an easy task to please teens. They are still talking about the experience. There was even transportation to and from each airport including someone to ensure we were checked in properly. Every minute detail was arranged and it left us with a carefree vacation!

Sarah Bedenbaugh – Summerville, SC

When I came to [Chase Travels] about my trip to Israel, I had no idea you were going to plan the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I never dreamed I would get to see and experience all of the things you arranged for me in just one week. From the best hotels to all my tours, all my entrance fees – you took care of everything. You not only gave me peace of mind, you gave my husband peace of mind, also. We both were blown away by the value of this trip. Thank you for making it all possible. You’re the best.

Susan and Charles Altman – Charleston, SC

Leah Chase has an excellent reputation in the travel community of Charleston. She was instrumental in setting up a great itinerary for our trip to Israel. The itinerary covered everything on our wish list. The tour guide Leah arranged for us was very knowledgeable and took us places we would never have gone on our own or on some guided tours. Leah did a wonderful job of setting up everything for us and we are very appreciative.